After a few years in the making the Naked Mystic is now available on Amazon (US) (UK) in paperback and on Kindle.

Published by the Metanoia Press

He can function as a priest no longer. Perhaps the burden of a priestly vocation is too heavy. Or perhaps he’s lost faith in the Church’s ability to lead people to God. He doesn’t know. After resigning his position, he leaves his parish and heads for the relative solitude of a rural town in south-west England. His only close companion is his dog, and it’s through the dog that he meets an enigmatic character who will challenge his Christian persona and his belief structures in a catastrophic and, ultimately life-giving, way.

This is an autobiographical account of one man’s mystical journey through The Dark Night of the Soul. On this journey that will teach him the true meaning of spiritual poverty, he is stripped of his religious persona and plunged deep into the abyss of a purifying process that seems to him to be a place from which there is no escape. But in his guide’s ruthless hands, he discovers a new way of relating to his faith and the scriptures that define it; a level of freedom and contentment for which he has been longing. And he realizes that God has been staring him in the face all along.