About Me

James RQ Clark

James RQ Clark is a former teacher and Anglican priest.

Born of a French-Mauritian mother and an English father who spent his working life roaming through Africa, the Middle and Far-East, James attended a Catholic Boarding school in the UK.

After a life-changing encounter with God in the early ’80s and a stint in a British Charismatic Evangelical House Church, he reconnected with his Catholic roots and studied for a theology degree at a Catholic college of the University of Surrey.

A journey through teaching and school chaplaincy eventually led to his ordination in the Anglican Church of New Zealand where he also ministered as a parish priest.

He no longer serves as a priest, and that is long story, memorialised in his autobiographical novel, The Naked Mystic, published by the Metanoia Press in April 2021.

These days he is settled in an old house, in an old town in Dorset, South-West England, where he walks his dogs, swims in the rivers, thinks, writes, and sees people for transpersonal counselling and spiritual direction.

Queries and responses welcome at jrqclark@gmail.com.