An old friend’s beautiful depiction of the eternal quest.

Quaerens by Brother Daniel Morphy OSB (2020)

Quaerens (Latin) means something like: seeking; looking for; asking; questioning; inquiring; striving for; endeavouring; missing; lacking; desiring.

St Anselm of Canterbury’s (1033-1109) ancient description of Theology is fides quaerens intellectum – faith seeking understanding.

Steve (Brother Daniel), the artist, is an old friend and a Benedictine monk at Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland, where he has been for over 20 years.

We go way back.

Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far-away, we were both charismatic evangelicals in a fellowship in South London.

For all the criticism I have levelled at that type of church in my book, The Naked Mystic, it did provide me with a few life-long friends.

Steve (Brother Daniel) Read The Naked Mystic and loved it – and I felt like his helpless rabbit in a shell floating on a cosmic sea while I was writing it (!).

I’ll be posting more of his work from time to time but in case you are curious click here.

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