The Naked Mystic

After a few years in the making the Naked Mystic is now available on Amazon (US) (UK) in paperback and on Kindle.

Published by the Metanoia Press

Here’s a snippet from a review by one of the earliest readers:

“The Naked Mystic is not for the faint of heart, but it is for those of us looking for guidance through this labyrinth we call life. A beautiful story of a man’s journey into, and out of, the darkest corners of his mental struggle to know God. For anyone who believes the bible is the beginning and the end of spiritual understanding — this book is for you. For anyone who questions the role of institutions in the world of God — this book is for you. For anyone who struggles with loneliness and fear — this book is for you. A story about the end of stories. While intimate and particular to one man’s struggle, it remains extraordinarily relatable and helpful — Woven in such a way that helps us understand the bible in a way that helps us understand our Self. In these times of widespread fearmongering and quarantine, The Naked Mystic offers us a guide to being okay with being alone. No doubt, The Naked Mystic is a spiritual autobiography worthy of the name.” ~B.R.

(Cover art and photo by Branka Jukic)

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